New year. New resolutions. 2017 reading goals.

Its that time of year again when we each begin to set new reading goals and begin to compile new TBR lists. I love looking at the various reading challenges featured on sites like popsugar and Book Riot. Each year I think I’m going to tackle one of these changes, but usually only end up checking off a fraction of the challenge. So what’s the problem? I think for me these challenges are too specific. My TBR is constantly growing and not every book I want to read fits neatly into a box to check off. So many books. So little time. What a perfect problem to have. I decided this year instead of trying to conquer a premade challenge, I’m making my own. These goals are more general and goals I can consistently focus on throughout the year.

1. Read books featuring more diversity.

Diversity is a huge buzz word in the literary world lately, and for good reason. 2016 seemed to feature more characters of different races,  more stories about other countries and by authors of other countries, more LGBT characters, and definitely more discussion of mental illness than ever before. However, we still need more of it. When we read about people different from ourselves, with different life experiences, it expands our world view and makes us more aware and accepting.

2. Explore new genres you don’t normally reach for.

For me, this will be fantasy and science fiction. Growing up, through high school, I was obsessed with fantasy. Overtime though, I’ve slowly drifted away from it. I’m ready to rekindle that relationship.

3. Read a classic you’ve never read before.

I’m ashamed to admit this as an English teacher but I never read classics anymore. I haven’t since they were assigned to me in college. I, like many readers, have a love-hate relationship with the classics. I basically associate them with assigned reading, book reports, and tests. But so many of them are SO GOOD. Its time to find myself a new favorite.

4. Start and finish a series.

There is something so satisfying about finishing a series. Following the characters for so long they become almost like friends. Series draw you in, they can take you on an emotional roller coaster, and they look so damn good sitting on your book shelf.

5. Read a critically acclaimed book, preferably an award winner.

Each year when the man booker prize winners are announced, I excitedly add them to my TBR, and then never pick them up. They intimidate me. I’m scared they’ll be difficult, they’ll be emotionally draining, or even just plain boring. But not this year. This year Im going to read like the educated woman I am. #adulting.

So these are my goals. Five. Easy enough. I’ll be updating my progress here and on Instagram @nikkineedstoread. I also plan to try and keep up with the Popsugar reading challenge which I will update on Instagram. If you follow along with the challenge make sure to let me know in the comments below or by posting your bookstagrams with me @nikkineedstoread.









2 thoughts on “New year. New resolutions. 2017 reading goals.

  1. Renee says:

    This post is spot on! I, too, have a hard time making my TBR pile align with reading challenge lists. Since I’m a busy teacher, my challenge is basically . . . make time to read! 🙂
    For your “award winners” category, I have a suggestion or two: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (Pulitzer Prize winner, 2014) and All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr (Pulitzer Prize winner, 2015). Very different stories and styles, but both are certainly worthy of a read!


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