Lately I’ve been reading so much faster than I ever have in the past and it has me itching to participate in a read-a-thon. I’ve been seriously obsessed lately with watching past read-a-thon TBR videos and hearing all the challenges for each one. Unfortunately, the only read-a-thons I can find don’t happen until summer and by then I may lose the motivation. Does anyone know of any spring read-a-thons??? If one lined up with spring break I’d be so, so excited.

I’m thinking about just doing my own personal read-a-thon over spring break. Thoughts? Ideas? I have a few different options on how I would do this…..

  1. I can pull 7 titles from my TBR jar to read throughout the week. My fear with this one is either A) I’d choose books I’m seriously not in the mood for right now or B) I’d choose books that are huge like The Bronze Horseman. No matter how hard I try, or how much I love the book, I can’t tackle a 600+ page book in 24 hours.
  2. I could try and tackle as many of the shorter books I have sitting on my TBR. I have quite a few books that are 300 pages or less. I could pull all of the 300 page or less books off my shelf and challenge myself to get through as many as possible.
  3. I could randomly select a set of challenges from a past read-a-thon. I know the biannual bibliothon and the booktubeathon always give specific challenges so this would be an easy way to challenge myself.
  4. I could also look through each of those read-a-thons’ past challnges and pick seven of my favorite and then a book to correspond with each.

Ideally I’d like to only read books currently sitting in my TBR pile. It would be way too easy to turn this into an excuse to buy more books so I need to resist the temptation. What do you guys think of these “personal read-a-thon” ideas? Let me know what your favorite read-a-thons are or if you know of any going on in April!




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