A Court of Wings and Ruin – Theories and questions I NEED answered *acotar/acomaf spoilers ahead*

In April I binge read A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury back to back, and I’m officially OBSESSED. I know, just like me, many of you are eagerly waiting the final installment to the series, A Court of Wings and Ruin. Since setting down ACOMAF I’ve been rethinking scenes and theorizing what will happen next. Here are a few of my favorite theories and some of the questions I hope we get answers to.

From this point forward there will be many, many spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned!


  1. Nesta and Cassian are mates. I feel like this was pretty obvious by the end of ACOMAF. When Cassian and Nesta first met there was definitely chemistry. I mean, sure Nesta hated Cassian and the rest of the group for being fae, but they still had plenty of banter and Cassian seemed attracted to her right away. They also feel like equals, especially now that Nesta is no longer human. Nesta has always been a fierce fighter and Cassian is described throughout the book as the ultimate warrior. Finally, at the end of the book Cassian is unconscious from the pain of his wings being shredded but every time Nesta speaks he stirs and twitches. This is explained away as his guilt over the promise to keep her and Elain safe, but I think it is more likely because of the mating bond. I feel like lots of people probably agree that they will mate in the final book but I want to take the theory a few steps farther. First, I think she’s Illyrian. Elain’s ears are described as being pointed when she’s transformed, meaning she is high fae, but very little is said about Nesta’s appearance after she is “made.” What if this is because she is Illyrian? In both books one and two she is described as a queen. Maybe, she and Cassian will become King and Queen of the Illyrian. If this is true, I think the next trilogy will revolve around Cassian and Nesta.

2. Unmade and Made; Made and Unmade—that is the cycle. Feyre has already been “unamde,” when she died, and “made,” when she became fae. To continue the cycle I think Feyre either must die or become human again. I feel like this will be the answer to beating Hybern or it will be the consequence of joining the two parts of The Book of Breathings.  If Feyre dies (which she will eventually if she’s human) I have a feeling Rhysand may die too. They’re mated so emotionally he can’t live without. This theory also supports my theory of Nesta becoming queen and being the focus of the next trilogy. If both Feyre and Rhysand die, The Night Court will need a new king and queen…possibly Cassian and Nesta.

3. Feyre’s father isn’t really away on business. It just seems way too convenient that dad was off doing business all of book two. I also found it awfully convenient that we learned Elain’s fiance hates fae and he was just conveniently missing during all of the human-fae negotiations. I have a feeling the humans have more knowledge of the impending war than we realize, and Feyre’s dad is working with Elain’s fiance to build up a fae killing army. I have a feeling they will come face to face with Elain, Nesta, or Feyre (or all three) and will have to decide to kill them or join forces with the Prythian army.

4. Lucien will become king of The Autumn Court. I love Lucien and I just need him to get out from under Tamlin’s thumb. I really hope they take down his terrible father and brothers and Lucien can claim the throne. I also think Tamlin separating him from his mate will be the motivation he needs to break ties with the Spring Court. 

5. The wall is definitely coming down. There is no question in my mind that this will happen. The wall will come down and the war will definitely spill over into human territory. In fact, I think this will be the main conflict of book three and it wouldn’t surprise me to see humans Feyre knew enslaved by Hybern.


  1. What the heck is Amren? I need to know this. I kept waiting and waiting for it to be revealed. I need it to be revealed and in a super epic way that plays a huge part in the final book.
  2. Who is Tamlin’s mate? Everyone seems to have a mate by the end of book two except for poor Tamlin. I know Tamlin is the crazy ex-boyfriend, but I still feel kind of bad for him. Like maybe he’d just chill out if he had a mate of his own.
  3. What happens to The Children of the Blessed once they cross the wall? In ACOMAF there were quite a few small references to The Children of the Blessed. I felt like Maas is foreshadowing a major reveal about them. I feel like they could be secretly enslaved, killed, possibly in the prison from ACOMAF, or have become fae in the same way as Elain and Nesta….Which leads to my next question.
  4. Are there going to be consequences for the unnatural way Elain and Nesta were “made” into fae? We know Feyre was made by each of the courts, and therefore has each of their powers. The way Elain and Nesta were made seems even more unnatural and I feel like things won’t be quite right with either of them because of it.
  5. Where/who is the sixth queen? When the Night Court was meeting with the humans there was supposed to be a sixth queen who never showed up. The note Feyre received said she’s not actually sick which was the claim the other queens made. This seems like an oddly random and specific detail to include so it has to have some significance. 
  6. Finally, what are the consequences for joining the two halves of the book? Amren said not to join the two halves of The Book of Breathings. Never, ever do it or all hell will be unleashed. So obviously, Feyre joins the two halves. Amren said if they join the two halves it will lead to severe consequences. I don’t think the consequence was simply being caught by Hybern. I think that would have happened no matter what. I think they’ve awoken something even worse and I want to know what.

So that is all for my rambling list of theories and questions. Raise your hand if you’re excited for A Court of Wing and Ruin *raising hand.* Do you agree/disagree with any of these theories? Comment below with your own theories! Ahhhhh, I’m so excited for May 2!!!!





3 thoughts on “A Court of Wings and Ruin – Theories and questions I NEED answered *acotar/acomaf spoilers ahead*

  1. Books and Mirth says:

    Dang, now that you mention that though, I can see it totally happening. Not that I want it to happen, because I probably would cry for weeks. My heart started crying just thinking about it when you mentioned it in that small paragraph…


      • Books and Mirth says:

        I know and what’s bad is it makes complete sense! Oh and I love all of your theories btw! I’ve been wondering what Amren is too… have you seen the Amren is actually a dragon theory? I saw it on tumblr the other day. I also heard one that was something along the lines of Ianthe is pregnant with Tamlin’s child. Don’t know where that one came from, but I can see it…


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