September Wrap UP

The slump hit me hard this September. I just couldn’t seem to get through books with any sort of speed this month. A combination of going back to school – getting back into the swing of teaching is tough each year – and just being downright busy, all added up to my worst reading month yet in 2017. I only managed to read five books this month, but of those five, two of them were five star reads and will definitely be some of my favorites of the year.

Just like normal I’m counting back from least favorite to favorite read of the month to most favorite read.

5. Hello, Sunshine by Laura Dave – 2 stars  Hello, Sunshine by Laura Dave

This is a tiny, little book that took me way too long to read. I was really excited for this book because Laura Dave’s previous book Eight Hundred Grapes is one of my all time favorites. Unfortunately, this book was not Eight Hundred Grapes. The characters were one dimensional, and for the most part completely unlikable. The story felt like something I’ve already seen done a million times before. But worst of all, this book was just plain boring. This book, which is just over 200 pages, took me a week to trudge through and is probably to blame for my September slump.

4. Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer – 3 stars Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer

I really liked the idea behind this book. It’s a Sleeping Beauty retelling, in which Sleeping Beauty isn’t just peacefully sleeping, but instead trapped in a nightmare world created by evil fae. The story kept me hooked throughout the whole book, but I unfortunately didn’t care for the writing. I felt like Hillyer took a very simplistic approach in her storytelling, and with fantasy I want lush prose that drips with detail. This book is also split between two POVs and I really like reading from one perspective more than the other. I found in the chapters told by the sister I cared less about, my mind was wandering.

3. Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica – 3.5 stars Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica

This was an odd one for me. I’ve had a hit or miss relationship with Kubica’s books. I hated The Good Girl but I loved Don’t You Cry. This one felt more reminiscent of The Good Girl, both in pacing and style, but I still enjoyed it much more than that one. Every Last Lie is about a woman named Clara who’s husband dies in a car crash. Police tell her that the crash was caused simply because he was speeding. However, her daughter tells her there was a bad man following them and from there Clara begins to investigate the crash but uncovers the many lies her husband was keeping from her. I really liked watching how the grief affected Clara and how her sanity seemed to be slowly unraveling over the course of the book. This would have scored higher if the whole book had matched the tone and pace of the middle section. However, the first fifty pages are incredibly slow and the ending is underwhelming.

2. A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab – 5 stars A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

You know when you read the first chapter of a book and you immediately know you’re going to adore it? That was this book for me. I’ve never read any V.E. Schwab before and now I want it all. I love Kel more than almost any character I’ve met before. I love the different Londons. But most of all, I loved V.E. Schwab’s voice. The writing in this book felt very reminiscent to Harry Potter in my opinion and I can’t wait to continue on with the series.

  1. A Million Junes by Emily HenryA Million Junes by Emily Henry

This book is EVERYTHING. There’s a dark and atmospheric, small town setting, a swoon-worthy romance, and plenty of magic to go around. Add each of those things together and you get one of my top three books of the year and a new all time favorite. I knew absolutely nothing going into this book and honestly I think that was for the best. It’s a very strange book but the writing was so gorgeous I could literally feel my heart bursting as I read it. There were so many quotes that I had to stop and reread because I wanted to let them really soak in and marinate a bit. I could have read this book in one afternoon if I wanted, but it’s a book worth savoring, so I took my time, lingering over every last beautiful line.

Hopefully, I’m officially out of my slump and can pick my reading pace back up in October. After all, fall reading is the absolute best reading. Seriously, is there anything better than spending an entire Sunday curled up under a blanket with a thick book and a warm drink? I don’t think so.





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